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Our Policy

Return Policy: We understand that life happens, so if you need to cancel for any reason, we offer a full refund, with 48 hours notice. If it’s a last minute change and you miss the tour, give us a call and we can reschedule you at no extra cost. We don’t want you to miss out and we thank you for choosing Bryan Ghost Walk.

To ensure the enjoyment of all guests, anyone that appears overly intoxicated or shows disruptive behavior, will not be allowed on tour or asked to leave. 

Research/Information: Our researcher has done hours of research to bring you the information that is given on tour. If you have any questions on where we got our information, we ask that you wait till after tour to ask. We will have a source information sheet that you can use to find what you are looking for.  


Fear: If at any point you feel scared and are unable to finish the tour, we will have one of our crew members escort you back to the check-in table; you may wait for the rest of your group to finish the tour. 


Liability: Since this is a walking tour we will be walking on uneven ground, over curbs, and other obstacles. Bryan Ghost Walk will not be responsible for any injuries or loss of property. Our crew will call emergency personnel if needed, or help find missing item, but we will not be held responsible.


Weapons: Because we are in the city, we understand that you might want to feel protected and bring self defense pre-cautions. Pepper spray, tasers, and small pocket knifes are acceptable.

Weather: If the weather interferes with the tour we will typically run to the nearest covering and try to wait it out. If the weather does not subside we will cancel the tour and reschedule.

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